6th Gen of DEX + 3rd Gen of Stable Coin.

To accomplish the missions of Bitshares, EtherDelta, Kyber, 0x, Bancor and Uniswap as well as the missions of USDT, USDC and Dai.

DEX Network

Instantly and Automatically Deployed DeSwap Network is the key to a uni-exchange and uni-payment solution.

D-stablecoin NDAO

The most reliable decentralized stable coin for the blockchain economy, NDAO's price is absolutely solid in decentralized markets.

D-payment Network

Covering verticals from decentralized investment trade to decentralized payment, NaturalDAO forms a perfectly closed loop for blockchain economy.

  • NaturalDAO is a non-profit and open source project. Welcome to join us!

    • Advisory & Testing team.
    • NaturalDAO University
    • Collaboration with wallet support.
    • Get your dAPP started here.
    • Many more...
    We're building the foundamental structures for Ethereum ecosystem, and we'll have more and more collaborative teams.
    As a DAO we're also building a collaborative model with appropriate incentives.
    Click here to visit our code base.
  • Benefits for dApps:NaturalDAO will be the best solution for ICOs, DEXs and payment applications.

    • Promptly launch Your ICO(2.0).
    • Instantly and Automatically Deployed DeSwap.
    • Zero labor, Zero cost, Zero maintenance.
    • Decentralized, Censorship-resistant, Trustless.
    • Eliminate centralized exchange’s collusion and graft.
    • NDAO is managed by smart contracts and algorithms.
    • NDAO's price is solidly stable in blockchain's decentralized markets.
    • NDAO is a perfect solution for the sales of products and services.
    • NaturalDAO fully covered trade for investment, and payment for e-commerce and physical retail.
    • NaturalDAO inspires and protects both investors and consumers.

NaturalDAO is an exciting network for Blockchain applications! You're welcomed to join us, as a member of DAO, or as one of our partners.


The benefits NaturalDAO brings to users

Inspiring and protecting investors:
• Automatically deployed DEX can greatly simplify the tasks(labor, costs and maintenance) for dAPP developers.
• No pains, no gains. Urge developers to focus on development.
• Not conducive to large capital investors and developers' collusion for the arbitrage from the market.
• Good investment liquidity: can be swap immediately after ICO.
• Adjustment of investment portfolio will be extremely convenient.
• NDAO is the best hedge against a market crash.

For non-investor users:
• NaturalDAO is a perfect payment system for e-commerce and retail.
• NDAO is the best currency for payment applications.
• Protect customers: NDAO's price is absolutely stable, customers no longer suffer losses when markets crash.
• Convenience: any product or service can be paid in any traded token here.
• Making blockchain much easier to be understood and accepted.