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ETH 2. Staking improvement proposal (Chinese link: link:

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All the contents on this page are closely related to EIP-2794 "Improved Mechanism for ETH 2.0 Staking":
Code Finished (including implementations in Solidity, Vyper, Pathon and JavaScript):Github Link
The staking procedure of ETH2.0 is complicated. And recently a serious bug which caused big trouble to the testnet made the staking procedure even harder for newbies to understand and follow. To help people quickly and comprehensively understand our EIP we have made this demo.

Next, you will experience being a validator.
The ETH2.0 staking mechanism requires a participant to stake 32 ETHs to be a validator. We proposed an alternative mechanism to require a participant to stake 12800 NDAOs instead, which are a kind of stable coin. If a participant doesn’t have NDAOs he/she can still use ETHs and sends the ETHs to a forging contract which will convert the ETHs to NDAOs based on a particular function. Based on this function when more ETHs are pumped to forge NDAOs, ETH’s price in NDAO will increase thus the amount of ETHs a participant has to stake will decrease.

Related EIPs and Technologies:
2、Algorithm based on Improved Constant Product Formula for ETH Pricing

Start Staking

Your wallet address Connect to Wallet
 demo validators are staking (in this demo 1 demo validator stands for 10,000 validators in reality)

Staking years

Your honor will be upgraded to the next level in 120 seconds.
(In this demo 1 second stands for 1 year in reality. This demo will show a max staking period of 5 years.)

Tokens of Honor Received

No Tokens of Honor
  • Token of One-Year Honor
  • x3

Available Tokens of Honor to Take

  • Token of 2-Year Honor
  • x3

Exit Staking

you will get token of 1 year honor if you exiting staking.